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There’s an ocean of data out there, but how can you make it work for you? At OmniLocal, we’ve perfected the capability to identify relevant audiences from first-party data and other sources. This means we can find and build a customer base for your brand that is ready to listen to your messaging and that wants the products and services you have to offer.

Our secret sauce is the technology that allows us to run dynamic, hyperlocal ad campaigns at enterprise scale. OmniLocal targets high-intent buyers based on geography, demographics, seasonality, weather, and more, delivering customized, relevant messaging and capturing the attention of your ideal customer at the optimal time and place.

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Utilizing comprehensive, highly accurate foot traffic data for millions of store locations, OmniLocal delivers location intelligence to help you understand traffic patterns for your stores and your competitors; measure rates of loyal, infrequent, and new customer visits; and attribute real-world visits to ad campaigns for ROI measurement and optimization.

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