Hyperlocal Advertising

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OmniLocal’s solution delivers the right message to the customers who matter — targeting audiences within your customized market areas. Execute sophisticated digital campaigns by delivering high-quality creative offers in contextually relevant environments. Our custom hyperlocal advertising program leverages the power of first, second, and third-party data targeting to generate in-store traffic.

See the complete picture of hyperlocal advertising and uncover the best opportunities to connect with local audiences online.

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Find Your Audience in the Moments That Matter

Wish you could use real-time data to encourage incremental business from existing customers and reach new customers likely to convert​? Join the industry-leading provider of hyperlocal advertising solutions and build a customer base for your brand that’s ready to listen. Using the power of first-party and second-party data for targeting, OmniLocal helps brands reach the right audience at the right time.


Learn more about how we use data to qualify your best audience to drive performance at physical store locations.


The Right Message at the Right Time. Always.

OmniLocal runs dynamic, hyperlocal ad campaigns at enterprise scale to target high-intent buyers based on geography, demographics, seasonality, weather, and more. Our strategy is designed to ensure ads are targeted to people based on context and location, with customized delivery, relevant messaging, and dynamic creatives to capture the attention of your ideal customer.


Connect Offline Visits to Online Advertising

Sharpen your measurement strategy and reduce ad waste. OmniLocal connects Foot Traffic Attribution to hyperlocal advertising. Measure the real world impact of your digital campaigns. OmniLocal’s location intelligence solution goes beyond traditional metrics, like CTR and CPC, to bridge the gap between online advertising and offline results. Understand how your digital campaigns are impacting visits at your stores. Using pioneering Foot Traffic Attribution technology, we can provide a true measure of success for brands with physical locations.

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